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Music Theory

Music Theory - A Complete Course 

suitable for Grades 1-5 ABRSM and Trinity College London

NEW for 2021

This page contains links to all the topics you will need for a music theory exam. Each lesson below goes through a different topic and we also publish separately the workbook 

Music Theory Practice - A Complete Course

Lesson 1.1 Time Values, Bar Lines and Time Signatures

Lesson 1.2 Notes on the Stave

Lesson 1.3 Treble and Bass Clefs

Lesson 1.4 Beaming Notes

Lesson 1.5 Rests

Lesson 1.6 Tied Notes

Lesson 1.7 Dotted Notes

Lesson 1.8 Accidentals

Lesson 1.9 Major Scales

Lesson 1.10 Degrees of the Scale and Intervals

Lesson 1.11 The Tonic Triad

Lesson 1.12 Basic Terms and Signs

Practice Workbook - Level 1

Lesson 2.1 Ledger Lines

Lesson 2.2 More Time Signatures

Lesson 2.3 More Major Keys

Lesson 2.4 Triplets

Lesson 2.5 Minor Keys

Lesson 2.6 Grouping of Notes

Lesson 2.7 Grouping of Rests

Lesson 2.8  Grade 2 Musical Terms and Signs

Practice Workbook - Level 2

Lesson 3.1 Demisemiquavers

Lesson 3.2 Major Keys to 4 sharps or flats

Lesson 3.3 More than two ledger lines

Lesson 3.4 Transposition

Lesson 3.5 Compound Time

Lesson 3.6 Minor Keys to 4 sharps or flats

Lesson 3.7 Intervals (Major, Minor and Perfect

Lesson 3.8 Grade 3 Musical Terms

Practice Workbook - Level 3

Lesson 4.1 Time Signatures - REVIEW

Lesson 4.2 Breves and Double Dotting

Lesson 4.3 Duplets

Lesson 4.4 Alto Clef

Lesson 4.5 Double Sharps and Double Flats

Lesson 4.6 Keys to 5 Sharps or Flats

Lesson 4.7 Technical names for Degrees of the Scale

Lesson 4.8 Writing Chromatic Scales

Lesson 4.9 Intervals (Augmented and Diminished)

Lesson 4.10 Writing and Recognizing Chords

Lesson 4.11 Ornaments

Lesson 4.12 Orchestral Instruments

Lesson 4.13 Grade 4 Musical Terms (Italian and French)

Practice Workbook - Level 4

Lesson 5.1 Irregular Time Signatures

Lesson 5.2 - Tenor Clef

Lesson 5.3 - Transposition

Lesson 5.4 - The Cycle of Fifths

Lesson 5.5 - Irregular Time Divisions

Lesson 5.6 - Intervals Greater than an Octave

Lesson 5.7 - Naming Chords

Lesson 5.8 - Chords at Cadence Points

Lesson 5.9 - Grade 5 Musical Terms (Italian and German)

Practice Workbook - Level 5

We also offer the following App Music Theory PRO which gives you a multiple choice quiz on all the topics needed for each grade. 

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Updated 04/09/2019

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