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The ultimate reference for any scale, arpeggio or broken chord you will ever need for ABRSM / Trinity Grades 1-8

Please note, scales unique to just one particular grade are shown at the bottom of the page.


Pick your grade below.

To see a video demonstration of any scale just click on any of the links below

Major Scales

C major 

F major

Harmonic Minor Scales

Melodic Minor Scales

G melodic minor

D melodic minor

Major Arpeggios

C major   

G major   

D major   

Minor Arpeggios

Contrary Motion Scales

C major contrary motion

G major contrary motion 

D major contrary motion

A major contrary motion

E major contrary motion

B major contrary motion

F sharp major contrary motion 

D flat major contrary motion 

Ab major contrary motion

E flat major contrary motion

B flat major contrary motion   

F major contrary motion

C minor contrary motion

G minor contrary motion

D minor contrary motion

A minor contrary motion

E minor contrary motion

B minor contrary motion 

F sharp minor contrary motion   

C sharp minor contrary motion 

G# minor contrary motion   

E flat minor contrary motion 

B flat minor contrary motion   

F minor contrary motion

Chromatic Scales

Chromatic on D (separate hands one octave for Grade 2)

Generic chromatic (ABRSM suggested fingering)

Generic Chromatic (with alternative fingering for smoother performance)

Scales in Thirds

Dominant 7ths

1st inversion arpeggios

Grade 1 Miscellaneous

Contrary motions and Broken Chords Unique to Grade 1 but NOT listed above.
C major contrary motion 
(just one octave - the above example is two octaves)

Grade 2 Miscellaneous

Broken Chords Unique to Grade 2 but NOT listed above.

Grade 5 Miscellaneous

Scales Unique to Grade 5 but NOT listed above.

Contrary motion chromatic on D

Contrary motion chromatic on A flat (also Grade 4 Trinity College)

For Trinity College
Contrary motion chromatic starting on C and E

Grade 6 Miscellaneous

Scales Unique to Grade 6 but NOT listed above

C major staccato in 3rds

Chromatic - contrary motion on A# LH/ C# RH

For Trinity College
C major scale in 3rds RH one octave

C major scale in 3rds LH one octave

Grade 7 Miscellaneous

Scales and Arpeggios Unique to Grade 7 but NOT listed above

C major legato 3rd - hands separately

C major staccato 6ths - hands separately

Contrary motion chromatic on C

Contrary motion chromatic on F#

For Trinity College
E major scale in 3rds RH

E major scale in 3rds LH

E major arpeggio in contrary motion

Grade 8 Miscellaneous

Scales Unique to Grade 8 but NOT listed above.


C major legato / double thirds

Bb major legato / double thirds

Chromatic legato / double thirds on A#/C#

Whole tone scale on E

For Trinity College 

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