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Patrons of MusicOnline UK

The fact that you are here means you are interested in YOUR Musical Education. Now is the time to take it to the next level,  by becoming a TOP SUBSCRIBER of MusicOnline UK

As a BRONZE SUBSCRIBER you will get all this:


additionally get ...

  • FREE 1 to 1 chat support through SKYPE/WhatsApp on music education related topics. This could include marking a theory past paper or appraising your performance of an Exam Piece

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If you want live Skype lessons, join our elite GOLD or PLATINUM subscribers that get either 60 or 300 minutes of Skype lessons per month, with any unused minutes rolling forward to the next month. 

The idea of Patronage goes back to the Baroque period where composers like Bach were employed by the church and the wealthy, ruling class and would pay the composer for each work deciding what kind of piece he would write. 

Patreon works slightly differently in that many people collectively can support the work of a creator from as little as $2 a month, (you can cancel at any time) and in return, apart from the exclusive content and rewards already mentioned, YOU will be able to have an influence in the type of content we produce via the community section.

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  1. I have subscribed to your blog.
    But I am unable to locate the "SUBSCRIBERS ONLY" page on your blog.
    Kindly assist in this regard.

  2. If you can send an email to I'll send you the link. Obviously I can't post it here publicly

  3. LOLmasrer2234:
    I officially hate myself for missing these streams now. Seriously....

    1. Do you have the "Notification Bell" activated on the MusicOnline UK Youtube channel subscription. Also, if you join the Whatsapp group, you'll get extra notifications there as well as on our facebook page.

  4. LOLmaster2234:
    I official y HATE myself for missing out.