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14 June 2023

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Jester's Jig - Chee-Hwa Tan - Grade 5 ABRSM Piano 2023-2024 A3 Teaching Notes

Jester's Jig: No. 7 from "A Royal Birthday Celebration: Suite in Baroque Style"
Chee-Hwa Tan

Teaching Notes
A big clue on how to play this piece comes in the subtitle, which states "in Baroque Style". Therefore the usual conventions of playing Baroque music should be applied, such as terraced dynamics, detached articulation for the "next to shortest note value" (in this case a quaver) and of course no pedal. 

There are two "cresc" markings (bars 13 and 23) and one might consider using terraced increases of volume rather than a gradual change in order to be more consistent with a Baroque style

For the first 14 bars, the semiquaver triplets carry the melody, but in the middle section from bar 15, the melodic interest is more in the staccato RH quavers that alternate from treble to bass clef.

The rhythm is fairly straightforward throughout, but just be aware of the lengths of the notes in bar 14 where all notes except those in the ornament are held until the end of the bar.

In bar 5 be sure that your LH dotted quaver lasts for as long as the three semiquavers above it and similarly in bar 25, the long dotted crotchet needs to extend right until the next note. With all the staccato dots around it could be easy to mistake these longer notes for shorter ones (dot after as opposed to dot above/below)

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