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Professional Skype Lesson for Piano, Theory and Aural Training


Due to the impact of the recent coronavirus pandemic - we're expanding to build a database of experienced professional teachers of ALL instruments. All teachers will have been checked to make sure they have a current DBS certificate, over five years of teaching experience with at least a 95% pass rate. If interested as a teacher in registering CLICK HERE

If you are looking for a teacher other than piano, brass, theory or aural training, please be patient as we build this database over the next week or so and in the meantime you can send us an email to let us know your interest and we'll be in touch.

We are here to HELP YOU with YOUR Music Exams

With the cost of the ABRSM exams being rather expensive, you want to be sure you are ready for the big day and get the mark you deserve. That's where MusicOnline UK can help

MusicOnline UK offers various forms of one to one help via Skype or WhatsApp.

  • Live Video Lessons
  • Appraisal Service
  • Online Chat Support

Live Video Lessons

I offer professional video music lessons in piano, brass, theory and aural training, from absolute beginner to Grade 8, in the English language through Skype. As a teacher of over 30 years of experience, I can be proud of consistent excellent results from my students. Just check out my recent exam results and statistics for yourself.

Lessons are available at a flat rate of £22/hour payable via  BACS (email for details)  or PayPal. (There is a small £0.50 surcharge 
per hour booked, for using PayPal to cover the PayPal fees).

I also offer a discounted rate to Patrons of MusicOnline UK of :

Bronze Level: £21/hour

Silver Level: £20/hour

Any block of 5 hours or more booked, will get a £10 discount, so for Silver Level Patrons, that would be £90 for 5 hours (£100 for non-Patrons)

Alternatively you can get inclusive lessons via Patreon by subscribing to:
Gold Level 60 minutes of Skype lessons per month included FREE. 
To book more than 60 minutes per month, simply adjust your pledge proportionately, i.e. $50 for 120 minutes

Any unused minutes, roll over to the next month. You don't need to commit to the same level every month. As a Patron of MusicOnline UK you can adjust your "Tier level" to suit your needs at the time. Have an exam coming up? No problem, just upgrade for a limited time and then adjust back again after the exam or cancel at anytime.

Become a Patron!

Email to arrange a time (London - GMT/BST). Once a time has been agreed, and payment has been made, you need to email your Skype name and you will be sent a message through Skype to confirm this time. Alternatively send your request directly through Skype using the above email address.

Before the lesson, take some time to set up your webcam so that your hands are clearly visible playing the piano and your microphone is working.

Appraisal Service

This option is available to Patrons of MusicOnline UK on the SILVER and GOLD subscriber levels, where, you can get 1 to 1 chat support via Skype, or Whatsapp. This can include marking a theory paper or appraising a video/performance. 

Appraisals can be in the form of a written appraisal, or if you give us permission as a video published on our YouTube channel - the choice is yours, (see videos below for an example).

There are two levels of support:

  • Silver - One monthly support request for $5/month
  • Gold - A weekly support request or 60 minutes of live Skype lessons for $25/month or a mixture of both.* 

*Note that to mix support requests with live Skype lessons - one appraisal is equivalent to 15 minutes of Skype lesson time, so for example, on the Gold level you could have 2 appraisals and 30 minutes of lessons. (Please note that Grade 8 pieces, 4 pages or over count as 2 appraisals)

As outlined above, this service is included FREE with the Silver Tier (and upwards) for Patrons of MusicOnline UK. However, you can purchase an appraisal of just one piece, or a theory paper, without a Patreon Subscription. Simply send me a video clip (or scan of a theory paper) and your appraisal will contain not only an expected mark, but also helpful comments on areas for improvement. This can be in the form of a written appraisal, or if you give us permission as a video published on our YouTube channel - the choice is yours.

Cost of each assessment is £5 (for Grade 8 pieces, four pages or longer this counts as two appraisals)
Complete Mock Exam Assessment £22 (reduced to £11 if you give us permission to use as a video on YouTube)

Here are some examples of such a student appraisals:

Online Chat Support

In addition to FULL detailed appraisals or marking of theory all Patrons can get online chat support for quick questions that don't require detailed marking, either via Skype or WhatsApp

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