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Professional Skype Lesson for Piano, Theory and Aural Training

We are here to HELP YOU with YOUR Music Exams

MusicOnline UK offers various forms of one to one  help via Skype.
  • Live Video lessons
  • Appraisal Service
  • Online chat support

Live Video Lessons

We offer professional video music lessons in piano, theory and aural training, from absolute beginner to Grade 8, in the English language through Skype for only £21 per 60 minutes, payable in advance via PayPal.

Shorter sessions are also available, simply divide the above rate by whatever fraction of the 60 minute rate you require.

Additionally, I offer an extra free 30 minutes for every block of 300 minutes, purchased in advance. I understand you may want to try a single session first before committing to a block booking, but I am confident after your first lesson you will not be disappointed.

Email to arrange a time (London - GMT/BST). Once a time has been agreed, and payment has been made, you need to email your Skype name and you will be sent a message through Skype to confirm this time. Alternatively send your request directly through Skype using the above email address.

Before the lesson, take some time to set up your webcam so that your hands are clearly visible playing the piano and your microphone is working.

Online Chat Support

This option is available to Patrons of MusicOnline UK, where, for a $5/month subscription you can ask daily, anything about Music Education for Piano, Aural and Theory, via Skype (or if you prefer Whatsapp) chat. This can also include marking a theory paper or appraising a video/performance (see video below for an example, Requests limited to 1 per day.) 
Additionally, PATRONS of MusicOnline UK,  an ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT on every lesson (Click HERE for more info).

Appraisal Service

If you would like an appraisal of just one piece, your scales or a theory paper, you can send us a video clip (or scan of a theory paper) and your appraisal will contain not only an expected mark, but also helpful comments on areas for improvement.
Cost of each assessment is 
£5 for Grades 1-5
£8 for Grades 6-8  

Here is an example of such a student appraisal

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