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29 September 2021

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Hall of Fame

ABRSM High  scorers


Below are some marksheets from my students who 

have taken the new style "Performance Grades"

Note all students/statistics below are students who either have had lessons with myself privately or via Skype or used my appraisal service


Grade 1 - Distinctions 1

Grade 2 - Distinctions 1; Merits 1; Passes 1

Grade 4 - Distinctions 1

Grade 5 - Distinctions 1; Merits 1

Grade 6 - Distinctions 3; Merits 1

Grade 7 - Merits 1

Overall - Distinctions 7 (58%); Merits 4(33%); Passes 1(8%); 

Fails 0 (0%)

Jana Plum Grade 1 Piano - Distinction

AB RSM Grade 2 Piano Performance

Grade 2 ABRSM Piano Performance Grade

Alexander Bane Grade 2 Piano

Michael John Paddock Grade 4 Distinction

Grade 5 ABRSM Piano Performance Grade

ABRSM Mark sheet

Grade 6 Piano ABRSM Performance Grade

ABRSM Performance exam Grade 6 Piano

Caroline Grade 6 Piano

Grade 6 ABRSM Piano Performance Grade

Grade 7 ABRSM Piano Perfromance Grade

17 May 2021

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How to get a distinction at ABRSM - PERFORMANCE GRADES

ABRSM Performance Grades

The fact that you are reading this, means that you are serious about getting a distinction in your next ABRSM exam. By putting into practice the advice in this ebook, you can be confident of doing just that. As a teacher of the ABRSM syllabus for over 35 years, and more recently, since the introduction of the new performance grades I have helped students from all over the world to prepare for this new format. So you’re in good hands.

Getting a good mark, is not just a question of spending hours and hours of practising your instrument, but knowing how to practice and also knowing what the examiner is looking for. As well as studying the official ABRSM marking criteria, I have done in depth analysis of the comment sheets that are given to the students with their results, which are very revealing in this regard.

In this book, you will learn not only what the examiner is looking for with regard to the individual pieces but also how to obtain a high mark in the rather ambiguous section “the performance as a whole” and I have outlined in depth what you need in both of these aspects in order to get a distinction. So are you ready to start preparing for your next exam and get the mark you deserve?

Available from:
Free to MEMBERS of MusicOnline UK HERE

18 March 2021

Learning Theory Terms - The Auditory Method

A significant proportion of the population learns things via listening and this is called "Auditory Learning". Moreover, this percentage increases for musicians. If you play the following tracks of musical terms repeatedly, you will become so familiar with them that you can even predict which term is coming next. You can do it when walking the dog, going for a walk, waiting for a bus, in the car or even as you go to sleep...The concept of sleep learning, or hypnopedia, has a long history. The first study to demonstrate a memory and learning benefit from sleep was published in 1914 by German psychologist Rosa Heine. She found that learning new material in the evening before sleep results in better recall compared to learning during the day.

Give it a try and you'll find within a month you'll know all your Grade 5 Theory Terms 

Also available on 
Apple Music HERE
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Amazon Music HERE

A full list of the REVISED ABRSM Theory Terms can be found HERE