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10 May 2019

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ABRSM Piano 2019/20 Grade 4 C3 - MusicOnline UK Teaching Notes


Luboš Sluka

Grade 4 Piano ABRSM 2019/2020 C3

The composer's marking of Scintillante (sparkling) gives us an idea of the character of this piece and how it should be performed. It needs a fairly fast tempo (unlike that of most of the popular examples on Youtube). Also, to give this piece "sparkle", one needs to keep the repeated chords of the LH very light against  an often much louder RH.

If you notice the footnote in the ABRSM edition, it says that there are no dynamics in the original and those printed are editorial suggestions only. That means, you are free to add your own creativity. If you notice in the above video performance, there is some variation from the printed suggestions. For example the echo effects of the last two lines. The emanier will reward stylistic creativity.

Observe articulation markings strictly. There should be a distinct contrast between notes marked staccato and those marked legato and watch out also, for the long held notes in the lower RH below the staccato upper notes - e.g. bars 4 and 5. Also note the long B minim in the LH of bar 17.

One area that is likely to catch many out is bar 12. The quaver - 2 semiquavers rhythm would be quite tempting to slur all three notes, but notice the staccato on the first quaver.

Finally, there should be no ritardando at the end and in the video performance above, note the dramatic fortissimo after a contrasting piano  bars 35-38. ( Not printed !! )

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