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28 April 2019

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MusicOnline UK - High Scorers "Shout Out".

ABRSM High Scorers from the MusicOnline UK community

Over the last few weeks members of the MusicOnline UK community have been sharing their recent exam results and as promised here, in ascending order is a Shout Out for those who achieved excellent results. The way in which I ordered them is firstly on the mark itself and then in the case of a tie, by Grade, so a distinction in Grade 1 would come higher than a merit in Grade 8.

8. Julissa scored 121 marks in her Grade 4 Piano. Notice how the examiner mentions rhythm and fluent tempo contributed to this merit mark.

7. Congratulations to Daniel who got a distinction in his first ever Grade. As the examiner mentions, it was not only playing the correct notes, but musical shaping and strong supporting tests that contributed to this mark.

6. With the same mark, but at Grade 5 Singing, we have Christine, the examiner mentioning her rich, well projected tone on her highest scoring piece.

5. Also doing Grade 1, we have Byron and again notice how the examiner mentions elements related to expression and musicality.

4. The next entry is in fact one of my own students, Imogen, who got 29/30  for two of her pieces at Grade 4 Piano. A particularly pleasing comment was made on her performance of Elgar's Chanson du Matin, "An expressive and warm hearted account with well observed articulation and a lovely sense of "rubato".... (a) beautiful and very touching performance."

3. Again another one of my students, is Lisa, an adult learner, who, (I hope she won't mind me saying), failed Grade 1 twice before with a different teacher, many years ago. Just shows the importance of having a good teacher. Notice almost perfect scores in the supporting tests, scales, sight reading and aural - essential to prepare well, if you want a distinction in your exam.

2. An amazing result Laura at Grade 8 Piano and getting full marks in two of her pieces. Despite that we still haven't got to our No. 1 high scorer who is......... (drum roll please)

1. Congratulations Tiago getting 138 marks. I think the examiners final comment says it all, "A talented young pianist. Well played Tiago!"

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