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19 May 2019

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Happy Day - Grade 1 ABRSM Piano - Student Appraisal

The video below is a Student Appraisal of "Happy Day" for Grade 1 ABRSM Piano, by Dennis, one of the members of our MusicOnline UK community. But before I give my comments, have a listen and see how many marks out of 30 YOU think it is worth.


You set off at a lively tempo (perhaps a shade faster than the suggested metronome mark) but all the, you captured the “Happy” mood of this piece and swing rhythms were well controlled.

There was an effective use of dynamics which gave a nice contrast on the 3rd line, but here, try to make the difference between the LH crotchets that have no staccato marking and those that do. For example, the first chord of bars 9, 10 and 11 should release exactly on the 2nd beat, but the last chord in each case could have a slightly more bouncy staccato.

There was a slight rhythmic inaccuracy in bars 11 and 12. The last RH note (tied A) needs to start before the beat (you played it on the beat) and then the LH comes in on the exact beginning of the next bar (12) - you made it a quaver coming in half way through the 1st beat.

On the 4th line the similar chords from the 3rd line suddenly became much longer, almost a full three beats, maybe because this section is louder, so effectively you lost the LH rests on this line completely.

Finally a well observed long middle G in the last bar, maybe you could afford to slow down a little more.
Expected mark for this performance 26 marks.


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