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31 August 2018

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MusicOnline UK Teaching Notes - ABRSM Piano 2019/20 Grade 5 - B2

Étude in A minor

Louise Farrenc.

ABRSM Grade 5 Piano 2019/2020.

Teaching Notes

This Étude in A minor, should have a gentle lilting tempo, making sure that the LH chords are not too loud, so that they don't obscure the RH tune.

To get the timing of the turn correct, in bar 3 etc, try setting a metronome to a quaver pulse of about half speed (i.e. quaver = 72) and make sure the triplet part of the turn is played before the 2nd quaver beat and the note after the triplet exactly ON the 2nd quaver beat. Then build up the speed gradually.

To add some extra tonal colour, this video performance adds a dab of pedal to the section from bar 9 - 12, on the first half of each bar only. Here the melody has less "step-like" movement and so will not sound mushy with the pedal. Also it will help with the ascending chords in bar 12.

Notice that the "p" in bar 16 starts on the 2nd note of the bar and in this performance you will notice also some extra dynamic shaping of this and the next bar, not printed in the book.

Ease off the tempo slightly in bar 18, just before the return of the main theme. 

When you get to bar 19, you'll need to take care that the LH semiquavers don't get too loud for the RH.

Finally in bars 26 & 27, notice the overlapping crotchets in the LH. The first bass note (A/G#) and the top E all continue whilst the following notes are being played.

Did you know....
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