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  1. I prepared really thoroughly for my exam and had just about exhausted myself trying to perfect that in the last week. However I made some very bad mistakes throughout and came away thinking that I had thrown away my chance at doing well. I even worried that maybe I hadn't done enough to pass. In return my parents and piano teacher also became nervous. Then I got the results last week and I had just gotten enough to get a distinction!! My shock couldn't have been greater but I am grateful! I'm also grateful for your resources, which I definitely utilised. Now I await my theory exam results :D.

    1. Congratulations. It's as I said, often we overthink the negative. BTW, any chance you could put your answer directly in the Forum rather than as a comment here below, so as to keep the thread linked together. Just hit the reply button directly below the post.

  2. Grade 5 ABRSM piano today. I'm not sure how everything else went but I got all except one of the notes in the sight singing! Just had to share that as I've worked hard on my singing.
    Also, passed grade 6 ABRSM clarinet - just got the result the other day, after a dusty frantic last minute search for my grade 5 theory certificate from...ahem, more years ago than I wish to reveal.

  3. Got my grade 6 clarinet marksheet - 13 for aural - A PASS! And a comment along the lines of generally competent but some inaccuracies, nothing specific about my singing. I got 10 and a very critical comment about my singing, and didn't get a single note in the sight singing, for g4 piano a year ago. I have worked so hard on my singing, so pleased I've got somewhere! Sorry for rambling on!

  4. I passed ABRSM grade 5 piano! :-D

  5. just did my ABRSM grade 5 piano exam today...waiting for the result... ._.


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