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07 February 2022

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Ramblings of a Music Teacher


35 Years of Teaching Experience Condensed into 

One Gem of a Book

Ramblings of a Music Teacher

This book is the result of over 35 years of teaching experience, from absolute beginner to diploma standard. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music, London and the owner of the successful YouTube channel MusicOnline UK, I have acquired over three decades of insights. I’ve seen  “what works and what doesn’t”, seen many repeated habits, both good and bad. Here, I pass on the benefit of such to you the reader; whether you be a student or teacher of music.

I have taught hundreds of students over a few decades, I’ve noticed common threads leading to strands of success. This gem of a book packed with “anecdotal evidence” will hopefully give students and teachers alike some guidance in their own music journey.



♫ To play, or not to play..... FROM MEMORY

♫ It's like riding a bike

♫ How to play anything - FAST

♫ How much should I practise?

♫ The Importance of Music Theory

♫ Choosing the Right Piano

♫ Piano Technique: Seating and Posture

♫ How to turn pages WITHOUT throwing your
music on the floor

♫ Decomposing the Musician Observations of
Common Character Traits of Musicians

♫ Tricks to Remember Major Scale Fingerings

♫ How long should I take between grades?

♫ Seven Bad Practice Habits that will

Hinder your Progress                                                                 

♫ What makes the “Perfect Practice Session”?

♫ How to choose your exam pieces

♫ The sound of silence

♫ Getting Your exam Results vs Your Expectations

♫ The Examiner's Mark-sheet - INVESTIGATED

♫ Is it OK to take a break from practising?

♫ How to control nervousness

♫ Watching Vertical Tennis - A Common Problem

♫ Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

♫ Exam Done - What Next?

♫ How to use a metronome correctly

♫ Why hands separately practice is unhelpful

♫ How to play semiquavers evenly

♫ Scales Fingerings - are they important?

♫ Depth vs Breath

♫ Solitary Confinement - The Downfall of a Musician

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