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18 March 2021

Learning Theory Terms - The Auditory Method

A significant proportion of the population learns things via listening and this is called "Auditory Learning". Moreover, this percentage increases for musicians. If you play the following tracks of musical terms repeatedly, you will become so familiar with them that you can even predict which term is coming next. You can do it when walking the dog, going for a walk, waiting for a bus, in the car or even as you go to sleep...The concept of sleep learning, or hypnopedia, has a long history. The first study to demonstrate a memory and learning benefit from sleep was published in 1914 by German psychologist Rosa Heine. She found that learning new material in the evening before sleep results in better recall compared to learning during the day.

Give it a try and you'll find within a month you'll know all your Grade 5 Theory Terms 

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A full list of the REVISED ABRSM Theory Terms can be found HERE

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