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01 November 2020

Music Theory Practice - A Complete Course for Grades 1-5 - NEW for 2021

Following the recent changes in the ABRSM Theory syllabus, MusicOnline UK is pleased to announce a NEW Edition of the workbook

 Music Theory Practice - A Complete Course for Grades 1-5

NEW for 2021

In the new online theory exams ABRSM The requirement to demonstrate accurate copying of music has been removed although in this book there are still written exercises, less emphasis is placed on writing as this is no longer required in the exams
Other changes in the syllabus reflected in this new edition Grade 2: candidates currently have a choice of the harmonic or melodic form of minor scales. This is changing to harmonic. Grade 3: questions about phrase structure are no longer included. Grade 5: identifying the progression 6/4 5/3 (Ic-V) is no longer be required. Grade 5: the requirement that candidates can recognise and name perfect, plagal and imperfect cadences has been added. Currently candidates have to indicate suitable chord progressions for two cadences – now they have to name those cadences.

The ABRSM have themselves published a new series of workbooks ranging from £6-8 per grade WITHOUT ANSWERS (these need to be purchased separately for nearly the same price again) whereas we are offering this workbook complete with explanations, questions and answers for ALL grades 1-5 for just £12.99.

This is only newly published, so there are no reviews as yet, but below are some reviews of the 1st edition:

Emma Dymott

 Invaluable resource for music progression. 4 January 2020
Fantastic progressive programme of study set out in an easy to use format. Featuring questions at the end of each section as a tool for self-assessment.
This book has become an invaluable resource for my children in their music study.

Sarah Vining

 Handy all-in-one theory guide 15 November 2019
Really useful and practical book which contains everything within its pages. It has replaced lots of separate sheets of homework for us and my son is enjoying working his way through it like a puzzle book!


 Very handy book! 3 November 2019
Very informative book, easy to understand great with content. Will certainly help my daughter!


 Good Learning and Practice for ABRSM Exams 30 October 2019
Really like the progressive theory lessons with practise sheets and have helped my daughter a lot with her ABRSM progression.

Paul Sims

 Fantastic book and everything you need to know 30 October 2019
Fantastic book and laid out so clearly. Thus will defo it rly help with the theory test.

Lucy J.

 Very useful - Definitely Recommend! 17 October 2019
Very easy to locate the topics that I need to practise on. Also, I like how there is the information on one page and then you have the chance to do some practice questions on the page after.

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