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02 May 2020

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ABRSM 2021 2022 Piano Syllabus - CLICKBAIT by Alan Chan

Do you care that YouTube remains a platform where you can find quality material for ABRSM Students? If you saw the following title of a video a month before the syllabus is due to be published

"ABRSM 2021-2022 for Piano"

...would you click on it expecting to find something related to the title?

Well on the following two videos you'll get exactly that 

...but you will be disappointed. They are nothing more than clickbait.

According to YouTube's policies

Using the title, thumbnails, description, or tags to trick users into believing the content is something it is not. a violation of their community guidelines and can be reported. 
If you feel strongly about such violations, go to the above videos and report for misleading text, using the three dots in the bottom corner of the video

Clickbait by Alan Chan pretending to be something it's not

You will then need to write some text to explain the reason for reporting. As an example I wrote,

The title is clickbait. Many students are waiting for a new ABRSM piano syllabus 2021 2022 to be published next month and this video is pretending to be such, but obviously not once you play it since it can be seen that it is his own composition. Apart from which the ABRSM syllabus is the intellectual property of that company and people pretending to be them is fraud.

Channels that continue to violate community guidelines will be prevented from posting and may even be terminated. 

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