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23 April 2020

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Elizabeth - Grade 7 ABRSM Piano - Teaching Notes

Shulbrede Tunes - Hubert ParryNo. 2 - Elizabeth

Grade 7 ABRSM Piano 2019-2020

Teaching Notes

The first task in studying this piece, is to understand where the tune is. The harmony is quite busy and can become to loud for the melody line if you are not careful. It might be an idea, to start practice of this piece by just playing the melody line.

Secondly, there needs to be a free use of rubato, easing off the tempo often at the ends of phrases.

The articulation markings can be confusing. For example, the staccato marks and slurs in the first bar do not indicate that the composer is seeking a different sound, but rather, a different way of fingering. Indeed, this piece should be pedalled heavily, changing on each new harmony, which would render a staccato note pointless, if it were referring to an audible effect. If you are in any doubt as to whether you should pedal these "staccato" notes, check the composers own marking in bar 23.

The final main section of this piece, seems to be a repeat of the first, but be aware of some subtle variations. For example, the tied chord into the 4th beat of bar 30, is not tied in the corresponding bar 7. There is also a change of harmony on the 3rd beat of the next bar (compare bars 8 and 31).

The final coda section involves a number of changes of tempo, both written and unwritten. After the instruction a tempo of bar 32, a slight easing of tempo would be appropriate at the end of this bar, picking up the speed again in bar 33. Also notice the pause signs at the ends of both these bars.

On the very last line, maintain your awareness of which notes are the actual melody (those in the RH with stems going "up") and another final detail, easily missed is the staccato last note.

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