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09 November 2019

MusicOnline UK Guide to Music Theory

The MusicOnline UK Guide to Music Theory - is an invaluable resource for those taking a Grade Music Theory Exam, Grades 1-5, at both ABRSM and Trinity College.

This e-book contains gives a detailed explanation of each topic, in a handy digital reference form and contains the same material as our paperback, “Music Theory Practice - A Complete Course”, but without the question and answer worksheets.

Many of you might already be aware of the AB Guide to Music Theory, but this book, independently published gives you all you need to know, right on your mobile device, (smartphone, tablet or Kindle reader) where you can access it offline at any time. (Oh and by the way - as you would expect from an e-book, it is cheaper than the aforementioned paperback)
As a music teacher of over 35 years of experience, I have never had a student fail a theory exam. Through my own understanding of what works best for students and how some of the alternative material on the market can sometimes be a very tedious method of learning and I am confident that you will find this ebook an invaluable resource.

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