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09 June 2019

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Pot calling the kettle black.

Alan Chan YouTube Channel plagiarizes other users content

So, a little aside from my usual type of post, today excuse me for ranting a little about a certain channel which has become nothing less than a nuisance to serious music students on YouTube.

A little while ago, you may remember a copyright dispute that I had with Alan Chan, (without going into detail here you find out more HERE)

Anyway, moving on....

I recently came across another of 
Alan Chan's videos, 
ABRSM Violin 2020-2023 Grade 7 C1 Bridge Moto Perpetuo Three Dances H.4 No.3 Sheet Music
...which I found surprisingly well played. I say surprisingly, because it was way beyond his standard of violin playing.

Then I dug a little further to find that he had simply copied the audio from someone else's video and added sheet music. 

Have a listen to these two examples and let me know if you think they are one and the same audio.

Alan Chan's Video

Duo Deconet's Video (NOW DELETED)

Having contacted the original channel "Duo Deconet", their reply was as follows,

Hi , Duo Deconet has not authorized any download of our videos to anyone. Alan Chan does not have permission or any concession to use our audios in his websites. This has been reported to head office. Duo Deconet is based in the Hills District in Sydney too... He would need to delete his video if he wants to keep his account open and learn how to play it himself.
The crazy thing about this is that Alan Chan, himself tried to make a Copyright claim against myself, even though the source that I used in the alleged claim was marked at the time "Creative Commons - Re-use allowed"

copied from
copied from

OK - rant over. Thanks for taking the time to read and let's concentrate on producing quality content in the hope that it eventually will overcome the mass produced, sub-standard monopoly that currently is offered to music students on YouTube.

UPDATE: Alan Chan's first video has been removed since this post was originally written. 

If you spot any other plagiarized content, let's clean up the platform and leave a comment below and we'll investigate. 


  1. Alan Chan's video has been deleted.

    1. Interesting, it seems the original creator informed YouTube.


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