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07 December 2018

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Be a #BetterMusician

How to be a better musician
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Whether you’ve been playing your instrument for years or you’re an absolute beginner, no-one is perfect and everyone can improve.

It’s that time of year coming up again when we reflect and maybe think about new year resolutions. And I’ve been asking the community here on MusicOnline UK how they want to improve and be a better musician in 2019. Today is a unique opportunity to hear for the first time, YOU - the voice of the community - right here on MusicOnlineUK. By the way, if you would like YOUR message to be included in a future post, I’ll be giving details at the end. So now it’s time to hand over to YOU the community.

Listen to Arun

Listen to Annelie

Listen to George

Listen to Vicky

Listen to Rishabh

Some great input there including, surrounding ourselves with those who will motivate and inspire, improving the quality of practice sessions by having specific goals and also having a regular practise schedule.

Now if you would like to send us a message which could feature in a future post you can do so via the MusicOnlineUK community WhatsApp group by clicking HERE

Also you can leave a comment below or use the hashtag #BetterMusician on twitter or facebook which we can pickup and retweet/repost.

MusicOnline UK is NOT just a YouTube channel or website, but a community of people like yourself who want to help each other become better musicians so please head on over to our WhatsApp group and motivate and inspire each other to be just that. 

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