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24 January 2018

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Help I can't sing!

Is YOUR singing like this? Get help  HERE

From my experience, the aspect of the ABRSM Aural Tests that many students find the most challenging, is SINGING.

This is particularly, but not exclusively true for teenage boys. I have in fact, had students in the past, who when I asked them to sing for Aural Test practice, flatly refused, "No!! Don't want to." Or those whose attempts at singing resemble more a speaking voice than anything with a sense of pitch. Interestingly, singing is not required in any of the grades for Trinity College exams and there is some debate as to whether this section of the ABRSM tests, really assesses one's aural skills. But that's another topic, for another day. The fact is, they are there and those of you who echo the title of this post, "Help I can't sing" might be looking for a little assistance. 

Many of you may already have seen my post How to Pass an ABRSM exam - Aural Tests in which I have explained how many students are simply shy especially if the range goes a little high. I  recommended starting any note with a consonant sound such as dah or tah, which gives the note a definite beginning and so is more likely to be in tune. I also explained how to support your note with your diaphragm, which will give you more confidence on the day.

Another thing that might help one's confidence is lots of practice. With this in mind I have prepared an audio with 50 minutes of just singing back phrases. It goes right from a Grade 1 standard where you need to repeat simple two bar phrases using a range of only three notes, all the way up to a Grade 8 standard in which you'll need to sing back longer phrases that are the bass line of a three part melody. You can listen to a sample of it HERE 

If you want to hear the full version you can download it for the small price of just $1.50, HERE or for FREE for those of you who support MusicOnline UK through Patreon HERE

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