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My Exam Statistics from 2005 to the present are as follows;

Pass with distinction        - 53  (21%)
Pass with merit                -  95 (37%)
Pass less than 120 marks - 108 (42%)
Fail                                    - 2 (Less than 1%)

Since 2009 ABRSM stopped publishing their statistics but the last available information is as follows:
Distinction 16%; Merit 34%; Pass 46%; Fail 4%.

You can see the statistics of the MusicOnline UK community and enter YOUR OWN results (anonymously of course) HERE

You can also see the community, "Hall of Fame" Exam Marksheets HERE

As you can see my results are higher than the national average for Distinctions and Merits and lower for just Pass or Fail

Or to put it differently:
ABRSM National average:

Merit or distinction - 50%
Anything less than merit or distinction - 50%

My statistics since 2005

Merit or distinction - 57%
Anything less than merit or distinction - 43%

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