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My Exam Statistics from 2005 to the present are as follows;

Pass with distinction        - 45 (19%)
Pass with merit                -  85 (37%)
Pass less than 120 marks - 99 (43%)
Fail                                    - 2 (Less than 1%)

Since 2009 ABRSM stopped publishing their statistics but the last available information is as follows:
Distinction 16%; Merit 34%; Pass 46%; Fail 4%

As you can see my results are higher than the national average for Distinctions and Merits and lower for just Pass or Fail

Or to put it differently:
ABRSM National average:

Merit or distinction - 50%
Anything less than merit or distinction - 50%

My statistics since 2005

Merit or distinction - 56%
Anything less than merit or distinction - 44%

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