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MusicOnline UK has become one of the leading  "go to" places for online music teaching, ranking 3rd in Google (just after the ABRSM's own Forums) for the search terms "Skype  lessons ABRSM"  << CLICK TO TRY  with students from all over the world looking for a professional service, especially since the COVID 19 Pandemic where physical 1 to 1 lessons have become impossible.

This increased popularity means that we are recruiting experienced teachers for all instruments. The reputation of MusicOnline UK means that we have a high criteria for all teachers listed. In order to apply you must be able to prove the following 

  • Have teaching experience of 5 years minimum
  • Have entered at least 10 students for exams and had at least a 95% pass rate for all exams over the last year (three terms of 2019 - since Spring 2020 was a little disrupted)
  • Have a recent DBS Check
If you would like to be considered for this new database going live over Easter please email including the following scans and information to prove the experience requirements above (you may blank out students names if you wish for data protection reasons)

  • One summary of results, (e.g. from the ABRSM applicant login page) dating back at least to Spring 2015 and also  the last three results pages for all the terms of 2019
  • A recent DBS certificate
  • A word document describing your profile, contact details etc, basically anything you would like to promote your services which we will then use to build you Your OWN personal webpage here on MusicOnline UK
Cost of this service - £0.00
As a brand new service and in light of the difficulties many musicians/teachers are facing in recent times -  it will be absolutely FREE during the whole period of lockdown i.e. for as long as physical one to one lessons are not an option and then only £10 per year thereafter if you wish to remain on the database after the first year at which point it will also become a database of "geographical" lessons.

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