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MusicOnline UK Teaching Notes - ABRSM Piano 2019/20 Grade 2 - B3

Lazy Bear

Vitalij Neugasimov

ABRSM Grade 2 Piano 2019 - 2020.

Performance by the COMPOSER HIMSELF

The first thing to notice is the different dynamics between the LH and RH and the beginning. The tune in the LH should stand out. Still with dynamics, make sure your decrescendo in bars 5 & 6 is graduated, so that you arrive at piano by bar 7 exactly, not too soon or too late.

Next, be very attentive to the articulation marks. The staccato in the RH chords is often contrasted against the slurred groups in the LH. In the second half of the piece, we come across tenuto markings, those with a short line underneath. This should be held long, but still ever so slightly separated from the following note.

Regarding tempo, you might want to play a little slower than the suggested 60 bpm suggested in the ABRSM book as in the video below, (which by the way, follows closer, the dynamics written in the ABRSM book, unlike the composer's performance above!). I think that a slower tempo, better portrays the movement of the "Lazy Bear". The important thing for a good mark in examination, is to portray the style and character of the piece.

Finally, notice the accents in the last bar. Don't over-do these, remember that they are in the context of a piano dynamic.

This page will be a resource for students and teachers taking the ABRSM Piano Exams 2019-2020, including audio samples, teaching notes and video tutorials.

The New ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2019/20 - CLICK HERE

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