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Lesson 1.12 - Terms and Signs

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Music Theory Terms and Signs

Here is a list of all the terms and signs needed for Grade 1 Theory. The answers are hidden but you can reveal them simply by holding the left mouse button while dragging it across the space next to each term. On mobile devices just tap and hold the screen next to each term.

a tempo In time

accelerando (accel) Gradually getting quicker

adagio Slow

allegretto Fairly quick (but not as quick as allegro)

allegro Quick (literally cheerful)

andante At a medium walking speed

cantabile In a singing style

crescendo (cresc) Gradually getting louder

da capo (DC) Repeat from the beginning

dal segno (DS) Repeat from the sign 

decrescendo (decresc) Gradually getting quieter

diminuendo (dim) Gradually getting quieter

fine The end

forte (f) Loud

fortissimo (ff) Very loud

legato Smoothly

lento Slow

mezzo Half

mezzo forte (mf) Moderately loud

mezzo piano (mp) Moderately quiet

moderato At a moderate tempo

pianissimo (pp) Very quiet

piano (p) Quiet

poco A little

rallentando (rall) Gradually getting slower

ritardando (rit) (ritard) Gradually getting slower

ritenuto (rit) (riten) Held back

staccato (stacc) Detached

tempo Speed, time

And here are some symbols you need to know. Again drag your mouse over the space on the right to reveal the answer
Play an octave higher


Getting gradually louder

Getting gradually softer

72 crotchet beats in a minute


Legato (play smoothly)

Staccato (detached)
Finally if you want to quiz yourself on these terms "randomly" you can download a FREE app on Android devices HERE

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