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E Aural Trainer

E Aural Trainer  ... is a video training course to prepare for the Graded Music Exams of the major music schools such as ABRSM and Trinity.

AURAL TESTS are possibly one of the most feared parts of an ABRSM exam, but they needn't be. With good preparation you can be confident of getting a good mark in this section of the exam. 

It is interesting in the marking criteria for the exam that a distinction is given for CONFIDENT responses, whereas you will get between 12-14 marks for cautious responses, even if you answer mostly correctly. So sound like you believe in your answer and answer without hesitation even if you are not sure in yourself. 

By the way,  it is worth noting that it is always worth having a go - even if you haven’t got a clue. You get 6-8 marks for just having a go. Zero is only awarded if you don’t even try. (This rather strangely means that marks 1-5 don’t exist).

When it comes to singing, I would recommend starting any note with a consonant sound such as la, da, or ta. It gives the note a definite beginning and so is more likely to be in tune. Support your note with your diaphragm (the muscle you feel contracting when you cough). Feel this muscle contracting as you sing, maybe placing your hand below your belly button at first to help sense this support. It will give you more confidence on the day. If confidence is your problem - practice doing this in front of other people to eliminate your embarrassment.

Next -  be prepared - know what to expect. The tests follow a very precise formula. If you know what the question will be even before it is asked, this will help you feel more prepared. For example - the C test in grade 5 aural asks you first about general musical features - however the same music will be used to ask later on what time signature the piece is in. By the time this question is asked it will be the third time you have heard this piece and you could be thinking about the time signature even on the very first playing. 

That's where E Aural Trainer can help you. Unlike the official ABRSM app for ipad "ABRSM Aural Trainer", these videos are more than just mock tests as you would get in an ABRSM Aural exam for example. They are "training" videos with helpful advice HOW to pass each specific requirement (and they won't cost you £7.99 per grade like the official "ABRSM Aural Trainer" app).

Try our comprehensive FREE training videos HERE

If after trying these free samples you want further practice, TAKE YOUR AURAL TRAINING TO THE NEXT LEVEL with our PREMIUM VIDEOS for Grades 1-8 Aural. Over 4 hours of extra content not found on YouTube!! 

You can even CHOOSE YOUR PRICE the minimum is ONLY £1.99 for each Grade Package, or £4.99 for the complete set, Grades 1-8, but any extra "tip" is greatly appreciated.

Click one of the Grades below to take YOUR AURAL TRAINING to the next level

E Aural Trainer - 

(and unlike the ABRSM Aural Trainer for ipad it won't cost you £7.99 per grade or the Playnote Auralbook for ABRSM app which will cost you £11 to upgrade to premium)

All Premium videos as well as a host of other benefits, (including a monthly LIVESTREAM where you can get interactive Aural Training) are  FREE to members of MusicOnline UK - More details HERE

Want even more help? 

MusicOnline UK also offers 1 to 1 Skype training. Head over to our Skype page for more information.

Updated 16/03/2019

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