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Black Friday Event on MusicOnline UK

This weekend only

All products from MusicOnline UK at 50% until 23:59 on Monday 26th November 2018

  • E Aural Trainer - PREMIUM videos at 50% including the complete works Grades 1-8, now for only £2.50 - enter CODE FRIDAY50 at checkout. Full list of available videos HERE
  • Music Theory PRO  Android app on Google play - only £1 (plus local VAT - varies depending on country). Download HERE
  • Become a Patron of MusicOnline UK and get a host of PREMIUM Patron only content for only $1 a month. Half the price - FOR THE LIFE of your subscription. (This is basically the same as the TOP SUBSCRIBER $2 a month Tier without the 1 to 1 support on WhatsApp or Skype and without the discounted Skype live lessons.) Click HERE for a full list of the benefits.

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