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02 November 2017

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The Way Ahead

Find out about the future direction of MusicOnline UK for the year ahead.

Following feedback I received from you about what you find useful  here at MusicOnline UK, this week I want to talk about the way ahead, my plans for the year to come, so as to best serve your music educational needs.

It seems that Aural and Theory Training are the most popular and my other videos with piano performances and sight reading practice less so. With this in mind, I will be completely redoing all the theory videos, improving the quality, and eventually producing printable worksheets for all the lessons on this blog. This is also to reflect the changes that are happening to the ABRSM theory syllabus for next year.  I have also had some requests for the higher grades in theory, and this will be a plan for the future. 

Regarding Aural Training and the video series "E Aural Trainer", you may have noticed that there were some PREMIUM videos added recently. After many hours of work producing these videos and creating a new paid subscription channel - MusicOnline UK PREMIUM, which gave more practice at the Aural Test requirements, YouTube announced 

  • On 1 November 2017, viewers will stop being charged for any existing subscriptions. We'll let all current subscribers know via email one month before paid channels are turned off.
  • On 1 December 2017, all paid content will automatically be made private.
But fear not, for those of you who subscribed to my paid channel, or those who would have wanted to do so in the near future  I have moved all these videos onto my Patreon page where for only a $2 per month subscription, which you can cancel at any time, you can access all these videos as well as the theory worksheets as they appear over the coming weeks AND your subscription also includes, private email support on any music educational topic even including marking a theory past paper if that is what you need.

Then there are the videos specifically related to piano. From next year I will be putting all new piano videos on a new channel specifically made for such videos, called "Chen Piano", so if you want to keep up to date with the latest posts in this area please subscribe to this channel as there will be no further piano performances on MusicOnline UK. However, I will start posting on this blog, teaching notes for all the ABRSM piano pieces when the new syllabus comes out next summer

The Sight Reading Trainer I will continue to update. I am  in the process of adding the 30 second gap to look at the test, reflecting better the exam experience, to all the original videos. I have also started a new series of the disappearing note - an advanced technique of sight reading which will force you to look ahead of what you are actually playing.

And last but not least - my weekly "Ramblings of a Music Teacher" will continue every Thursday.  I was touched by a comment made by Yvonne Han, on my recent questionnaire about what videos you like on my channel.

my weekly "Ramblings of a Music Teacher" will continue every Thursday.  I was touched by a comment made by Yvonne Han, on my recent questionnaire about what videos you like on my channel.
Please do let me know in the comments below what you think about the future direction of MusicOnline UK.

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